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Regina, Ft Qu'Appelle, Yorkton, Canora

THURSDAY, February 11, 2021

3:00- 6:00 pm

Trinity Lutheran Church

1909 Ottawa St, Regina, Sk

Delivery will be "Drive Through

Style" because of Social Distancing.

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Saskatoon, Humboldt, Watson, Kelvington

Thursday, February 25

3:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Location- TBA         

Delivery will be "Drive Through 

Style" because of Social Distancing.

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Just wanted to say thanks for providing such a great product. I really appreciate being able to purchase a quality, family produced product. My girlfriend and I had some fine meals. Some different/new flavors for sure but we have really enjoyed everything we have had so far. I don't know if this is just my imagination but I have noticed that after letting your steak thaw for a couple days the meat seems very relaxed. The other steaks I purchase are very different where the meat seems tense. I've never bought steak that had this relaxed look / feel. However I will say although the meat seems relaxed it's also very dense and lean. Thanks again, we really do appreciate being able to put some quality food on the table.
B Sampson, Saskatoon, SK
Well I received your pet food last wed and have it to my cat that night, he loved it! So we finished up one of those patties and then had left over cat food from the vet we figured we should use up... Well the cat will not even touch it and ONLY wants cool springs pet food!  Needless to say thanks for all you do out there!

Amanda and Carl, Lake Lenore, SK
I don't know what you are feeding those chickens but I cooked a whole chicken last night and it is the best tasting chicken I have had, EVER, and I have eaten a lot of home grown and organic chicken! 

S Loundes, Kelvington, SK
I would also like to give your family a big thank you for everything you guys do. I don't know if you realize how much you guys have helped me change my life, or at least made it a million times easier than it might have been. To offer such a high quality, ethically raised, and nutritious product from a local family run ranch in such a convenient package is outstanding to say the least. I really mean it when I say that if our world has any chance of making it through this dark time we are in, it will be people like you guys that we will have to thank. I recommend you guys to everyone I know, even though it might bite me in the butt next time I go to order ground beef and its sold out.. HAHA!
A. Cullingworth, Saskatoon, SK
Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication to 'real food'! I've been looking what seems for forever for a good place to purchase meat in Saskatoon! you are a godsend!

L.Hill, Saskatoon, SK 
Thank you all so much for the wonderful day and BBQ.
My husband and I enjoyed it very much! It was a real pleasure to see your ranch and animals,we were very impressed!
Please keep doing what your doing,we love your food and it has made a big difference in our health!
Again thank you so much.
C. Shadbolt, Saskatoon, SK
I just wanted to thank you for the humane farming practices you use at your farm. It makes me so incredibly happy to see that throughout the world family farms still exist. Animals deserve to be happy and treated with respect just like people, and I thank you for all you do.

M. Waite, Saskatoon, SK 

I wanted to thank you for providing my family with an absolutely delicious turkey for Thanksgiving. The quality was fantastic. Every bit of the turkey was moist and very flavorful. None of it was wasted! I have had many other "free range" turkeys before, but this was the best I have every tasted! The quality of all your food has been exceptional. I have not been disappointed with any of our purchases yet. My family and I are truly blessed to have discovered Cool Springs Ranch. We are extremely grateful that you are willing to provide us with food the way it should be. Keep up the great work!

J Kitchen, Saskatoon, SK
I really enjoyed everything we had from you guys. I ran out last week and am going through meat withdrawal this week haha! I know you were concerned about my learning curve, but I cooked all the roasts as you suggested and they turned out AMAZING! They were so moist and would flake apart with just a fork.
I've set new personal records at the gym, have lost all my cravings for junk food and sugar and have been feeling great since you helped me transition back to meat with a clear conscience. Thank you again for the fantastic afternoon you and your wonderful family treated me to! Hope everyone is doing well.

M Caron, Regina, SK 
I'd like to start by saying how pleased I have been with your products the past couple of months since I started ordering from you, great quality products and I definitely am noticing a difference! The taste just can't compare to regular meat you buy in the grocery stores. Keep up the great work!

I just have a quick question about the beef, I know it is grass fed but is it grain finished? I know some farmers claim it is grass fed but then finish them off with grain. Do your cattle eat grass for their lifetime or do you finish feeding them with grain?
(NO Grain finishing here...Grassfed to the end!)
C. Larson, Saskatoon, SK
I want to thank you and everyone at Cool Springs Ranch for providing the quality products you do. I appreciate the transparency that you have with your practices and ingredients, and all of the extra work that you do that is over and above the norm. Not only that, but you are organized and efficient and you actually respond to customer inquiries and requests. I finally feel comfortable feeding meat products to my family because I know it is of the very best quality and that you folks are really passionate about what you do. I don't think I can thank you enough for this! 
H. Laird, Regina, SK

Not sure if you remember me, but I placed an order with you just week or so ago and wanted to let you know how amazing (and I mean amazing!) all of the meat has been thus far and what a blessing it is to have found your ranch! So just a little thank you of appreciation for what you and your family do!
R. Summach, Regina, SK

I have been feeding my family meats exclusively from Cool Springs Ranch for several years and have always been happy with them by just cooking them generally "lower and slower." But now that I'm cooking from Shannon Hayes' cookbooks it's like a Renaissance in my kitchen! Shannon gives you exact, step-by-step instructions that make all the difference and make the same meat go from really good to rock-your-world good. I am so inspired I now own three of her cookbooks and we've never eaten better. My husband has been saying things like, "Any chef in a good restaurant would be happy to have this on his/her menu" while pointing at his dinner plate.   :)  I did her "Best Indoor Steak" a few weeks ago and it was hands-down the best steak I have ever eaten. It was all the real beef flavour from Janeen and Sam's skillful grass management + very specific cooking instructions. I have been cooking steaks for years and never ended up with a steak that good. I highly recommend Shannon Hayes' cookbooks to all my fellow grass-fed cooks.

S. Ryan McCumber, Saskatoon, SK 
Also, I'd like to thank you for providing such a wonderful service that includes in-town delivery - we were so pleased with our last order and plan to be regular customers from now on. Your ground beef is by far the best I have ever tasted. Thanks again!
S MacPherson, Saskatoon, SK
i just want to thank you for providing this great meat! It feels great to know i am feeding my family with good healthy products and nothing has disappointed us yet!

C Bye Regina, SK 
I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the sausages so far.  I have severe dietary restrictions and your sausages are the only ones I've found so far that don't have any illegal ingredients (i.e. sugar, additives).  I almost cried from joy when I was able to eat one.  (I ended up eating 6; they were the little ones.)  I have to make everything from scratch and my diet is pretty limited, but now I can enjoy one more food -- and I don't have to make them!  I'm looking forward to trying the other type of sausage in a few days.  If Cool Springs Ranch is able to make bacon with honey and not sugar and other additives, then I would probably be in heaven. :)  (OUR BACON IS JUST SEA SALT BRINED AND SMOKED)
I've spread the word about Cool Springs Ranch to my friends and family, especially the people I know who are following a similar diet (SCD/GAPS)

J. Berg Regina, SK 

I wanted to tell you we were absolutely delighted with our first order. Everything has been so delicious and prepared so nicely. Thank you all so much. We couldn't be happier with the products.
Maureen P, Saskatooon, SK
Remi made chicken soup from you chicken a while back. It reminded me of my farm in Poland, Sunday dinners, being a kid and fresh cut grass:-). It's the BEST chicken soup I have had in Canada. I can only imagine what the duck confit will be like. Thank you for doing what you do.

E. Seiminska, Saskatoon, SK


Just want to tell you that the chicken and eggs that I got from you (first time customer) are delicious and everyone who got a taste loves them. A big difference from store bought!  
Thanks for filling that need for 'real' food. 
M.Kardash, Saskatoon, SK


The chicken we had, beer can roasted as described on your website, was the best chicken meat Michael and I have tasted since probably 10 years. We are both excited to try our pork, and next time getting some beef to see that difference too. The eggs remind me of my grandmothers chicken eggs, and transport me back home for a minute, which I can't thank you enough for. One last note on the milk, the best coffee I had in a long time =). 

Thank you for what you do, and that you share your "food" with us. 

I will be ordering as long as there is meet to be ordered. If you have enough capacity for some more meat lovers I can certainly spread the word, but if you sell out most of the time I will keep my mouth shut and this a secret for now. Let me know. 

L. Wolf, Saskatoon, SK 
I just wanted to send a message to let you know that the sausage we ordered last month was the best I have ever eaten... BAR NONE! Yur ground beef was fantastic... lean and flavourful. The eggs are so good. I am so happy to have your farm delivering to the urban areas.    Thank you!
K. Wasylynka, Saskatoon, SK
I also have to add that I made chicken stock and soup with one of your chickens and it was absolutely delicious!  And tonight I cooked up the drumsticks the way you mentioned on the website (in the oven for 2 hours) and my boyfriend and I both agreed that it was the best chicken we had ever tasted!  And of course everything else we got from you last month has been outstanding too!  Thank you so much!
S. Henderson, Saskatoon, SK

So, we just tried our first package of Cool Springs breakfast sausages. They were so amazing that I had to send you a quick message to thank you! I have never actually liked breakfast sausage (until now I had only had it from restaurants or purchased at supermarkets) so when I took my first bite this morning I was amazed because it tasted delicious! Just goes to show the world of difference between "real" food and what you purchase at a normal store these days.

A. Harris, Regina, SK


We tried some of the bacon this morning and were blown away!  Perhaps thee best bacon we've ever had and we are bacon enthusiasts haha! Strips were the perfect size and surprisingly filling with superb flavor. 
Can't wait to try the rest of the product we got from your farm throughout the month.
C & D McPherson, Regina


We love your food and plan to continue purchasing it into the forseeable future and appreciate the passion and dedication it takes to make a real difference in our society.

I wish your farm all the success it has coming to it.
L.Mason  Regina, SK


Merry Christmas to you and your family, Janeen!

When I reflect back upon this year, I like to think of my trip to your farm in Endeavour as one of my favourite memories of 2011 :)

J. Tam, Saskatoon, SK


Janeen and Cool Springs Team!! I love the food! I made my daughter some home made "chicken nuggets" yesterday and wow...I really have no idea how that other maker of them makes any money,  there is no comparison. Its even better than I remembered. Thanks for raising animals in a natural way.

On a side note, my sister, who picked up the meat, said there was a nice long line so yeah, that's great for you guys!

Kyla R. Saskatoon, SK


It seems that the more grass those cows get to eat, the more delicious our cats think the milk is!! They say YUM YUM!

Beth C.  Regina, SK


We had some pork chops for supper the first night and they were fabulous!  I am glad I found cool springs ranch.

(later) You are going to laugh, my husband and I got into a tiff over meat last night. I told him the rest of the roast was for lunch or supper today and he was pretty upset because he was enjoying the roast so much. I lost the argument and (between his extra helpings last night and what he ate for breakfast today) there is no roast left for today. He said we should order another half or maybe a whole pork.

Pam R. Regina, SK


Good day all.  I'd like to compliment you on some pork well-raised!! We placed an order for last month and it was fantastic, The bacon brought back some memories of my childhood in the country for sure!!. I'm sure we'll be ordering again for June.

Richie P. Regina, SK


I just had to say...thanks to your amazing dedication and commitment to healthy food, we had one of the most amazing breakfasts the other day. We haven't eaten bacon in over 4 years, staying well away from sodium nitrites. The smell that filled our home on Sunday morning as a package of Cool Springs Ranch's finest sizzled and popped away on the stove top....AMAZING! And just to make it last, I reserved the bacon fat and added it to everything I made for the rest of the day. To say the very least, we felt as if we were feasting like royalty and my kids were ECSTATIC (not to mention my husband and myself)! Anyhow, a huge thank you for all your efforts and food passions. It is Greatly appreciated!

Jenelle and Family, Regina, SK


My daughter in law really likes the chicken feet we bought her, she how big they are. The Chinese have got to be  the biggest consumers of chicken feet in Canada. Our pasteured pork has way more taste than any factory hog we have eaten and I noticed the roast we cooked was quite dense compared to again factory pork.

Doug F & Susan A.  Saskatoon, SK


This second order of pork is just as fabulous as the first. The side pork is soooo good - in fact I think I like it better than bacon. And a single package of chicken breasts lasted the two of us for three meals - try that with store-bought chicken!

Maureen B. Saskatoon, SK


I just bought from you for the first time this past weekend. I was nearly a vegetarian....completely grossed out my meat! I have already cooked some ground beef, and I have to tell you, it was delicious. Any ground beef I have purchased from the stores has had a horrible smell to it when it is cooking. Not so with your stuff, and so little fat. I will be roasting a chicken tomorrow.

Keep up the good work.......I am so glad to have quality, healthy meats to serve to my growing daughter (and us too)!

Norine J. Saskatoon, SK


What a wonderful turkey you sent me. It was the best ever,moist, flavourful, tender, but not that oozy gelatinous sort of tenderthat industrial turkeys get. The only fat I got in the pan was the oliveoil I basted her with, but she was just succulent and gorgeous. You seem to have perfected the artform that is raising turkeys. Congratulations!
Please put me on the list of folks to tell next time you have a harvestday. Thank you for making my Thanksgiving feast sumptuous.

Brenda F. Saskatoon, SK


I just want to say that the bar has been permantely raised since Thanksgiving - I will never buy another store turkey again! The dark meat was really good but not appreciatively different ...but the breast meat... it was absolutely fabulous!! Everyone agreed that they had never ate turkey breast meat that was that juicy, moist and delicious! I don't know if it was the Free-Range factor or the Fresh factor - maybe a combination! Please mark us down for 4 more at Christmas - everyone wants one!

Dave M. Swan River,MB


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