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Regina-Ft Qu'Appelle-Yorkton-Canora

Delivery - Saturday, December 9

               - 1 - 3pm

               - Trinity Lutheran Church

               -order window- Nov. 30-Dec. 6

Saskatoon - Humbolt - Watson

Delivery - Saturday, November 25

               -1 - 3 pm

               -Lakeview Church, Hwy #16

               - order week - Nov.16-22


Special Notice for Saskatoon!!


Delivery - Saturday, December 16

               -1 - 3 pm

               -Lakeview Church, Hwy #16

               -order week - Dec.7 - Dec. 13

                * Please note this delivery is the 3rd  Sat, rather than the usual 4th Sat - to be ahead of Christmas Holidays*      



Please order in your city's "order window week". (or we may not get your order!) See the Calendar  The last day to order is the Wednesday before the Delivery Day. You can select your city from the mailing list page - then you will get the right emails.

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Beefy Lasagne - 14oz

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Ingredients: Grassfed Beef/Broth, Noodles(In-house Ground Organic Wheat Flour, Local Eggs,Mineral Salts) Onions, Celery, Carrots, Tomatoes, Dried Prunes, Fresh Cracked Pepper, Mineral Salts


Dairy-Free (add Mozza, Goat cheese, Feta or Parmesan cheese if you like!)

Quantity remaining: 2
Producer: Vesela's International Kitchen
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