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Regina, Ft Qu'Appelle, Yorkton, Canora

THURSDAY, February 11, 2021

3:00- 6:00 pm

Trinity Lutheran Church

1909 Ottawa St, Regina, Sk

Delivery will be "Drive Through

Style" because of Social Distancing.

Order from February 2 - 8


Saskatoon, Humboldt, Watson, Kelvington

Thursday, February 25

3:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Location- TBA         

Delivery will be "Drive Through 

Style" because of Social Distancing.

Order from Feb 16-23




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Grass-Fed Raw Pet Food

****Not for Human Consumption ****

Just as we have been discovering the benefits of natural grass-fed sources of protien,  pet owners are realizing the truth as well - there is much to be desired about the "kibbleized" pet food on the market. Never have pets had so many allergies, obesity, cancers and heart issues than they do in this modern age. MAYBE because dogs and cats are carnivors...MAYBE because "balanced complete diet" for pets doesn't include corn...  MAYBE the abundance of enzymes and the  perfect protiens and fats found in raw animals foods are what pets need to get back to.  After all, their bodies are virually identical to their wild counterparts - why should their diets be any different.

Items disappear when "sold out".


We are re-stocking! 

The store will re-open for the full week of Tuesday @ 8:00 am to Monday @ 8:00 pm before the Thursday delivery date for your city. 

Check the Calendar for the-once-a month delivery date and order times.

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