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Regina, Ft Qu'Appelle, Yorkton,Canora

THURSDAY,October 8

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Thursday, October 22

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Location- Elim Church

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Delivery will be "Drive Through 

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Grass-Fed Beef Shanks

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Beef Shanks... A previously under-appreciated cut making a comeback!

Yes, one of the most worked muscles on the animal - the top portions of the legs. It is tough and with plenty of collegan layers dividing the muscles.  But this is not a negative for 2 major reasons
- Amazing Flavour!! (second only to the Oxtail)
- a high amount of gelatin for making very rich sauces and soups!

We have sliced the shanks straight across with the marrow bone in place. Make sure to use the marrow in the is a super food that adds body as well!

The only secret to making delicious meals or soups out of Beef Shanks is to braise the shanks (long and low, with a liquid and lid in place) until all the collegen has melted and the protiens have softened.  It may become your most favorite beef cut, especially considering it is very inexpensive!

4-5lbs per package


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