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Regina, Ft Qu'Appelle, Yorkton,Canora

THURSDAY, February 13

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Trinity Lutheran Church

1909 Ottawa St, Regina, Sk

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Saskatoon, Humboldt, Watson, Kelvington

Thursday, January 23

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Free Range Turkey

Free-Range Turkeys

Turkeys are made for grass - there is nothing more they like than to have a large amount grass to forage on and a good place to roost! So that's what we give them... a large area protected by an electric net fence that gets moved every 2 weeks  They also have access to clean fresh water and local grains with an organic kelp/probiotic/mineral poultry supplement mixed in. Just like our chicken, there is a deep flavour and  nutritional quality that comes from the birds leading such a natural life as this... You won't be disapointed in food that had a good life!


The Turkey Farmers of Saskatchewan (a marketing board that controls the amount of turkey produced in the province) does not permit anyone that has not purchased "production quota" except for an "exemption of 99 birds".  Since we are only allowed to raise 99 birds per farm/year, we  only have these available for in the fall until they are sold out.


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