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Pastured Pork Lard

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2lb container

I Love Lard - it's very heat stable and neutral-flavoured oils to cooks with! Even better, the real "non-hydrogenated" version is a GOOD FAT - not to be feared!

From Jenny @ Nourished Kitchen...

One of the greatest benefits to consuming pasture-raised pork is its vitamin D content.  Much like humans, hogs synthesize vitamin D through their skin which means that their fat can be a very rich source of natural vitamin D - a substance that is critical given that recent research indicates that over 70% of our children suffer from insufficient or deficient vitamin D levels (and adults don't fare much better).  If the hogs aren't given adequate  access to sunlight, as is the case with most conventionally raised animals, they cannot synthesize vitamin D.

Pork is also a very good source of monounsaturated fatty acids - that same heart-healthy fat found in olive oil and avocado.  Indeed, monounsaturated fat constitutes a full 45% of the total fat content of lard with saturated fat and polyunsaturated fat constituting the remaining 55%. Due to the combined benefits of both vitamin D and monounsaturated fat, meadow-raised pork, lard and even bacon can bring valuable nourishment and flavor to your supper table. 



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