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Regina-Ft Qu'Appelle-Yorkton-Canora

Delivery - Saturday, April 14

               - 1 - 3pm

               - Trinity Lutheran Church

               -order window- April 5 - 11


Saskatoon, Humboldt, Watson, Kelvington

Delivery - Saturday, March 24

               -1 - 3 pm

               - Prairieland Park Ag Centre

                  at the corner of Ruth St. and Lorne Ave.

                  Take Ruth St exit off Idylwyld and then                   use the Lorne Ave entrance to the park.


               -order window-Mar 15-21






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Pastured Free-Range SOUPer Chicken

Back to Free-Range Chicken

3-4 lbs each


These are our non-productive egg layer chickens - Roosters we hatched as well as some 2 year old laying hens.  AWESOME for making  flavourful broths! You want to cook them low and slow - they will be tough if you cook them too fast. The flavor is very rich - the closest thing to your "grandmother's chicken" that you can get today.

The heart, gizzard, liver and feet are included - these are very beneficial for nutritious stock!

Producer: Cool Springs Ranch
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