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Free-Range Chicken



portable free-ranging shelters 

The chickens are free-ranged on REAL GREEN PASTURE -no "free-range" dirt pens! Floor-less portable shelters are moved DAILY (usually twice) to fresh grass. This keeps them clean and allows them to eat up to 30% of their diet in grass and bugs. Fresh water and local Non-GMO grains are provided free-choice with an organic kelp/probiotic/mineral added in.  Also, because chickens are true omnivours, they ocassionally they get fresh nutrient-rich meat and organ scraps from the butchershop. ('all vegetarian-fed' chickens or eggs usually means the diet includes GMO soy or canola meal...the label is 'post BSE marketing'!) The birds get as much excersise, fresh air and sunshine as they want.  These are happy chickens!

This scenario not only adds valuable fertilizer to the pastures but is healthy for the chicken and produces delicious and nutrious, high quality meat for people. Pasture-raised chicken (although naturally lean) is very high in the essential fatty acids Omega 3, as well as Vitamin A, D and E.  The meat is tender but meaty and it  has that delicious old-fashioned "chicken" flavour.

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