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Free Range Chicken Breasts - 2 /pkg

Back to Free Range Chicken  Free Range Chicken Breasts - 2 /pkg


2 breasts per package

Tender but with a good meaty texture.


Cooking Pastured Chicken Breasts

 For whole breasts, hot-sear them for 2 minutes on each side and then use a LOW HEAT (225-250F) in the oven or BBQ for 20-25 minutes. This preseves the juiciness wonderfully!
For cubes or stir-fry srtips, saute in small batches in a hot frying pan with a little butter or healthy fat. They will be done almost immediately after all the exteriors have lost their pink don't want to over cook them.  Small batches don't cool the pan down which would make the juices come out and start to simmer the meat, rather than saute it.

This meat has not been pumped or tumbled like industrial chicken breasts. Commercial chicken processors can't take the time to properly "age" the chicken (cooling for 4-6 hours). Breast meat taken off too soon will be tough as nails with out  brining them in salt water, but this adds weight that you pay for but then shrinks out when you cook them.
You will notice very little shrinkage in our chicken breasts and they are still very tender when you cook them properly.


Producer: Cool Springs Ranch
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