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Free-Range BBQ Roast Chicken

If you've never experienced a Beer Can (or stand) BBQ'd whole free-range chicken,  let me share how to make the most suculent, juicy-breasted, but crispy-skinned, delicious chicken ever...  I LOVE this method! ... I'll never go back to roasting a chicken in a roaster! (in the winter I just use my oven on convection but still stand the chicken up)

- Start with a totally thawed 5-6 lb chicken. pat the skin dry  (pre-heat BBQ on high)

-Mix a little Olive Oil or Butter WITH salt and what ever your preferec spices are.

- put the rub all over the chicken...and under the breast skin if you like... lemon slices are also great to tuck in

- use a pop or beer can half filled, or a special "can stand" that has a base and add your own liquids (I think anything works)

- Place the chicken's but on the can or stand so that you form a "tripod" with the legs

- Now just set it all on the grates but  turn off the burners directly below it or rake the coals off to the side so that it's an INDIRECT HEAT that cooks it.

- Close the lid and BBQ for approximatly an 1.5 hours. When the juices run clear and the legs wiggle easily, it's done!   Let it rest for 10 minutes before you carve it up...  ENJOY!!

If you have any favorite spice rubs that you'd like to share for this recipe, send them along and I'll post a list of them right here!

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