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Regina-Ft Qu'Appelle-Yorkton-Canora

Delivery - Saturday, December 9

               - 1 - 3pm

               - Trinity Lutheran Church

               -order window- Nov. 30-Dec. 6


Special Notice for Saskatoon - Humboldt - Watson Route!!


Delivery - Saturday, December 16

               -1 - 3 pm

               -Lakeview Church, Hwy #16

               -order week - Dec.7 - Dec. 13

                * Please note this delivery is the 3rd  Sat, rather than the usual 4th Sat - to be ahead of Christmas Holidays*      



Please order in your city's "order window week". (or we may not get your order!) See the Calendar  The last day to order is the Wednesday before the Delivery Day. You can select your city from the mailing list page - then you will get the right emails.

 For more information, read the Buying Club Info  to understand how it works!



Current Price List

Current Price List

The Store is "open" for one week each month for Saskatoon and one for Regina. Please check the Calendar to place your order in the right week for your city. 
Free-Range Turkey:

Whole Turkey--------$5.00/lb

Half Turkey-----------$5.00/lb

Ground Turkey-----$10.00/lb

Turkey Breast------$13.65/lb

Turkey Tenders----$13.65/lb

Turkey Carcass-2/pk$2.75/lb

Turkey Thighs--------$6.00/lb

Turkey Drumsticks--$5.75/lb

Turkey Wings--------$4.50/lb

Turkey Gizzards------$7.95/lb

Turkey Hearts--------$5.00/lb

Turkey Livers---------$5.00/lb

Turkey Feet-----------$3.50/lb

Turkey Necks---------$5.00/lb

Pasture-Raised Chicken:

Whole Roasting Chicken   $4.10/lb Ground Chicken $9.50/lb
Chicken Drumsticks $4.99/lb Chicken Hearts $4.00/lb
Chicken Breasts $12.65/lb Chicken Livers $4.00/lb
Chicken Thighs $4.99/lb Chicken Gizzards $9.95/lb
Quarter Chicken $4.85/lb Chicken Feet $2.50/lb
Chicken Wings $4.99/lb Chicken Backs $2.00/lb
Chicken Tenders $12.65/lb Chicken Broth Pac $2.60/lb
Souper Chickens $3.00/lb      Souvlaki  $15.95/lb

Chicken Breast Stir Fry Meat

$13.65/lb      Necks


Shredded Chicken $12.00/lb (Fully Cooked)

Chicken Broth    $10.00  - 32 oz  

Boneless Chicken Thighs & Drums $9.00/lb(2 lb pkgs )   

Grassfed  Beef:

New York Strip $14.29/lb Flank Steak       $8.29/lb
Flat Iron Steak $13.99/lb Sirloin Steak $12.99/lb
Hanger Steak $9.99/lb Skirt Steak $8.29/lb
Rib-Eye Steak $14.99/lb Minute Steak   $8.99/lb


Brisket $7.49/lb Premium Rib Roast $13.99/lb  
Top Sirloin Roast      $7.99/lb       Sirloin Tip Roast $7.99/lb  
Whole Tenderloin $19.99/lb Inside Round Roast $7.99/lb  
Blade Roast $6.49/lb Eye of Round Roast $7.99/lb  
Chuck Roll $6.49/lb Premium Striploin Roast $12.99/lb  


Oxtail $4.29/lb Ground Beef   $6.50/lb
Beef Cheeks            $7.49/lb Back Ribs   $5.25/lb
Stirfry Meat $9.99/lb Beef Heart   $3.99/lb
Beef Shanks $5.99/lb Beef Liver   $5.00/lb
Stew Meat $6.50/lb Beef Kidney   $3.99/lb
Beef Tongue $3.99/lb Beef Soup Bones   $2.99/lb

 Beef Tallow             $4.50/lb           Carpaccio                $10.99/lb

Short Ribs               $6.49/lb

Beef Marrow Bones  $3.75/lb

Pastured Pork:


Boston Butt Roast     $5.75/lb

Picnic Roast               $5.75/lb

Fresh Ham                  $5.75/lb

Sirloin Roast               $6.50/lb

Porkloin (Boneless)    $7.75/lb

Pork Tenderloin          $10.50/lb


Riblets                        $6.50/lb

Side Ribs                    $5.75/lb

Rack of Ribs               $5.50/lb

Back Ribs                   $8.99/lb


Bone-In Pork Chops  $8.50/lb

Pork Chops(no bone)$8.99/lb


Stew Pork                $5.75/lb

Ground Pork             $6.00/lb

Pork Cutlets             $7.25/lb

Side Pork                 $6.50/lb

Pork Belly                 $5.75/lb

Pork Hocks               $3.75/lb

Pork Lard                 $4.50/lb

Lief Lard(whole)      $1.50/lb

Pork Soup Bones      $2.99/lb

Pork Liver                  $4.00/lb

Pork Hearts                $4.00/lb

Pork Kindey&Spleen  $3.00/lb

Pork Tongue                $3.00/lb


Ole's Fresh Garlic     $7.35/lb

Rockford Bratwurst  $7.35/lb

S. African Boerwors $7.35/lb

Breakfast Sausage   $7.35/lb

Bacon, Burgers, and Hams:

Bacon                     $8.50/lb

Back Bacon            $10.50/lb         

Bacon Ends             $6.50/lb

Flippin'Good Burgers$7.35/lb

Chicken Burgers $9.50/lb (6 patties/approx. 2 lb pkg)

Large Ham             $6.99/lb

Nugget Ham           $6.99/lb

Smoked Pork Hocks $5.50/lb

Smoked Pork Riblets $6.75/lb

Beef Jerky               $30.00/lb

Pork Jerky               $30.00/lb

Pet Food

Raw Pet Burgers      $3.50/lb

Grassfed Green Tripe$3.50/lb

Raw Beef Dog Bone  $2.00/lb

Smoked Pork Bone   $3.50/lb

Raw Chicken Necks   $4.00/lb

Eggs:             $5.00/doz

Butter Oil/Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend:

Cinnamon Gel            $70.00/240 ml bottle plus tax

Unflavoured Capsules $67.00/240 ml bottle plus tax

Sea 90 Sea Minerals:

Livestock Salt            $50.00/50lb bag plus tax

Plant Salt                  $55.00/50lb bag plus tax

Plant Salt                  $20.00/10lb bag plus tax


A Long Way On A Little--------------------$20.00 plus tax    

Nourishing Traditions: The

Cookbook that Challenges

Politically Correct Nutrition-----------------$20.00 plus tax

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration 

by Dr. Weston A Price-----------------------$22.00 plus tax

The Grassfed Gourmet Cookbook----------$20.00 plus tax


BEEF STEW-14OZ--------------------------------------------$9.00


ROSEMARY SOUP-10 oz-$9.00    32 oz - $16.00

LARGE BEEFY BORCHT-32OZ---------------------------$16.00

SMALL BEEFY BORCHT-14OZ-------------------------------$7.00

BEEFY LASAGNE-14OZ--------------------------------------$9.00

LARGE JEWISH CHICKEN SOUP-32OZ-------------------$16.00

SMALL JEWISH CHICKEN SOUP-14OZ---------------------$7.00

24HOUR HEALING BONE BROTH-32OZ--------------------$6.50

 BEEF BOURGUIGNON - 14 OZ-----------------------------$9.00

ORGANIC QUINOA - 6 OZ----------------------------------$3.50

BEEFY-BACON PAELLA- 10 OZ-----------------------------$5.00

PULLED PORK - 16 OZ------------------------------------$14.00

GRASSFED MEAT SAUCE - 16 OZ-------------------------$9.00 

COCONUT THAI CHICKEN STEW - 1 LB------------------$14.00

PULLED PORK PAELLA - 10 OZ-----------------------------$5.00

PULLED PORK LASAGNE - 1 LB----------------------------$9.00

DILLY BEET KRAUT - 16OZ-$8.00      32 OZ-$14.00

TURMERIC KRAUT - 16 OZ-$8.00       32 OZ-$14.00


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