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Trinity Lutheran Church

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Mennonite Central Committee Building

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Thoughts from the Farm

Posted 12/15/2009 12:54am by Janeen Covlin.

Hello everyone!

Well, it's been a whirlwind of a Fall and I'm glad it's almost done - there has been times it almost did us in!  Anyway, I wanted to send out a newsletter before it's too late.

First of all I want to thank all of you who ordered chickens and turkeys this fall! Dad, lucky for him, has been having a great time becoming a "Professional Butcher"  and getting to meet many of you when you picked up your orders in Saskatoon.  We were thrilled to find so many people who are looking for the same thing that we believe in - REAL FOOD - the way nature would have it made!

It's unbelievable how far the "food system" has strayed from this model - as we seen in FOOD INC -(the great expose movie that came out this fall) If you watch it, take note of the very "hick" looking farmer, Joel Salatin - he's one of the most influential sustainable farmers out there, doing, showing and telling North America that there IS A BETTER WAY! His philosophy has been has been a big inspiration to our farm.  He has quite a few books, mostly for the farmer, but one inparticular bridges the gap of education between  farmers and  consumers on local, farm-friendly food- it's called "Holy Cows and Hog Heaven" - It's a short easy read that you'll really enjoy it! Here's the Amazon reviews link

On a different note - you all have probably tried your chickens - many of you have wrote to tell me great things - and that's awesome - I'm glad to hear it!  But I just wanted to direct you to a few cooking tips on our website  Free-range meat really is different to cook - don't compare to store chicken to pastured-chicken thinking it's "apples to apples" because it's not!!  Low and slow is generally the rule but there are a few other ways that work great too. My favorite is "BEER CAN CHICKEN"!  (I'm not sure I'll ever go back to the usual Roast Chicken)  To be perfectly honest, I've never used beer yet - but any marinade or even just water does the trick!  What's the concept? - Steam heat on the inside and dry heat on the outside,  can be done on the BBQ or in the oven. What's it like?  The yummiest crispy skin  and the juiciest breast meat ever!  I'm going to add my favorite version to the website but I haven't found the time yet (4 little kids are my excuse for everything) So just Google "beer can chicken" and you'll find lot's of recipies and videos, many of which say "use a medium to large free-range chicken"! So there you go - have fun!   

Oh and some turkey tips - The turkeys will look a lot nicer after they are thawed (our shrink-bag supplier was out of stock for turkey bags) - I like to do that in quite a few water baths in the sink to speed the process up and then cover into a fridge until cooking time.
For roasting turkey, breast-side down for the first 2/3rds of the time for juicy breast meat.
aparently you can do "beer can turkey" too - although probably not with stuffing! I haven't tried it yet.

I'd love to hear how your birds -chickens and turkeys - turn out! I'll take the good, the bad and the ugly - and just maybe, I'll ask if I can use your words for later (if it's really glowing!) :) And if you have a great recipe or some tips that we could add, don't be shy to send it along!

 Stay tuned for updates on our meat shop and a details about our Farm Food Buying Club - It sound like many of you would like to to be a part of it - so we will keep you in the loop as things progress!

So that's all for now, folks - Have a great holiday season!



Posted 9/10/2009 1:13am by Janeen Covlin.

Well summer is just about done and getting back to routine for most of you- and if it is, let me tell you, I'm jealous!  Hopefully it won't always be this way but things are crazy here right now!

 We are in the middle of putting up 4 buildings on our farm - a butcher shop (waiting on plumber - they are very hard to come by!),  a lean-to on the barn for a winter chicken coop (my brother framed it on the weekend), a farm shop - (cement was placed on Friday and Sam's cousins from Lumsden are here putting it up right now.)  and last but non least, a new house for my parents!  They sold their farm and have to be completely moved out for a Nov 3 posession date. That happens to be Sam's birthday - what a present eh? Get your mother-in-law moving in next door!
To top it off, Dad left for Saskatoon to start "meat cutting school" at SIAST in Saskatoon on Tuesday. So Sam is here basically by himself, doing not only all the regular chores but keeping the crews going, putting up dairy hay, building 2 more miles of new fence, and the biggest job of moving a whole farms worth of stuff to our place!  I'm not much help with a 3 small kids  and new baby other than to keep eveyone clothed and fed right now.

So to get to the point - Sam unfortunately can't get away to come with Keith this trip. We are really sorry about this but sometimes things have to get worse before they can get better!  There actually might not be much if any Dairy Pet Food for the next few trips as we have to stock pile and then dry the cows up a few months before they calve, which will be in the new year.

Hopefully when our meat business gets rolling next year we will be able to connect with most of you more consistently at the Regina Farmers Market.  (If Saskatoon would ever change their meat by-laws...maybe we'll be there too)

On a better note, I can tell you that we will be sending Fresh Organically-Raised Pastured Turkeys with Keith in October  - so if you would like one you can let us know.  We also have Pastured Chickens (naturally raised also) for those of you who are aren't part of Keiths CSA (we don't want to infringe on that! :)) The piggies are really coming along but I can't tell you exactly when they they will be ready yet.

In the mean time, to keep the faith, here's the link to a verry good site on Raw Milk updates  It follows the Canadian Raw Milk Farmer/Hero, Micheal Schmidt and his court battles among other raw milk issues.  January 21 is the day he will get the actual verdict and we'll know if we live in free country or not! (Sometimes I think it's Russia!!)

Once again, I'm sooo sorry we can't make the trips for a while, and I'm also so sorry we only have 2 cows when so many of you know about, want and need raw milk!! I'd like nothing better than to never have to turn anyone down! So please just hang in there until we get our place set up better and can have a few more milk cows!

I will keep in touch to let you know how things are going and please feel free to email or call about anything!

Take Care,

Cool Springs Ranch

PS Even though Sam won't be there on Saturday, can you PLEASE send back your jars or containers with Keith - they are so precious because they are hard to come by!!

Posted 8/5/2009 11:35am by Janeen Covlin.


Just wanted to touch base with everyone and give you a little update. 

First thing is that we're switching to 750 ml jars for the cream. Linda Misanchuck in Saskatoon so nicely collected a whole bunch of 750 ml square jars that pack nice and are probably a little more useable size for most people. The price will be $5.50

Please save all your containters (jars and pails) and send them back with Keith and Sam - I have a limited supply! The pails I have to buy from the neighbor. (sells honey in them) I was hoping I won't have to charge a deposit on them and if everyone is good at returning them we shouldn't have to do that.

We have a new website up that isn't ready for you to make your orders online yet but you are welcome to have a look and see our farm and who your cows are - Fudgy (Fudgicle) and Gramma J are the 2 we're milking and soon Katie is going to calf and we'll have increased our milking herd by 50% !!!  :)

Our last pig, Willow, had her babies - lost one but the other 9 are rippin around - they are sooo cute! some red with spots, some black and white patched - our girls would love to name them all but we told them that's probably not a good idea since they're going to be porkchops and bacon - especially since there's 48 of the stinkers now! I'm starting to get a little anxious about them  though because the electric fence was grounded out for a while and the older litters have learned to jump out of their pasture and are getting pretty good at rooting up my lawn!!  Rrrrrrr!!!

Our meat shop is on schedule to get built this month - very excited about that!  Our first batch of chickens should be ready to butcher soon. If you aren't part of Keiths CSA and would like to order let us know.

I have mentioned to a few of you about the Weston A Price Foundation - it's all about healthy eating with real nutrient-dense food - which raw patured dairy is a strongly emphasized part. One thing it does is connect farmers(that pasture their livestock) to the most dicerning customers. Well, last night we had our first local Chapter meeting in Canora. We had a Raw/Local/Traditional Potluck which was a really interesting meal!!  And lucky for us we were able to get Dianne Koeler who is a Nutritionist and Chapter leader from Denver,CO come and give a power point presentation and talk to us about getting the Chapter going  And how the Cow-Share programs operate where she lives. It was a very fun, informative and tasty evening!  (Regina folks - you have a chapter there if you didn't know!)

If you have an order - please get it to us by Thursday morning so you aren't disappointed.

And please let me know if you ever have any problems with something but on the other hand I'd love to hear any "glowing praise" you might have for something - I might ask you if I can quote you on one of the web pages!

Sam had fun on the last trip and enjoyed meeting you all! (I wish I could come!)

(He will) See you all Saturday!


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