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Thoughts from the Farm

Posted 3/19/2012 8:00pm by Janeen Covlin.


I think winter is over and spring is been looking very optomistic! (at least the animals seem to think so) The laying hens have been outside quite a bit already, snapping up anything green that appears.  I'm looking out the window right now... one pig is out, giving Suzie, our Border Collie, something new to "herd" besides the chickens!  :)

I can't help but get pumped up about what a new spring will bring...

We should see some grass-beef finally getting to the degree of "finish" we are looking for...  YAY!!
New piglets will be arriving...
Chicks are coming at the end of the month...
The Jersey girls will be freshening in May...

But our latest thought is to add a few more species to the list - Free-range DUCK and GOOSE... since we are so limited on our turkeys! (The "Turkey Board" is not as pleasant of a group to deal with as the Chicken people. There is a firm "quota exemption limit" of 99 turkeys that Non-quota holders are allowed to raise. Apparently, turkey sales have been slowly declining in Canada and they really DISPISE us "back-yard flockers" for any market share we are taking.  I'm not sure why they are so opposed to changing their factory production might really help their cause!)

But...why not raise Goose and Duck? There's no "police" for these animals!
Well I did some research and it appears that Free-Range Goose is ALL of Europe's most favorite Christmas/holiday meat!  There are countless farms like ours over there, WITH geese! Even Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver love it! Make no mistake, the goose is re-gaining it's seasonal appeal in all guises...the meat most definitly, but also the eggs and the down and feathers!
So can I put the question out there... Would you be interested in a  slow-grown Traditional Free-Range Goose this Christmas/Holiday season? and how about Pekin Duck? is the Julia Child in you been immerging?  Last fall I had the opportunity to pour for hours over a few of her cook books and was very inspired to expand my reperatoire for special occasions...maybe you will too!

If you can send me a reply to this email, I will keep a list of requests and it will help us decide what kind of numbers to start with.

Happy Spring!

For the CSR team


ps The chickens are laying really well! if you want more than 6 dozen eggs, make a note on your order and we will accomodate where we can.

pss. In case you missed it, our most popular sausage, "mild chili sausage", which had very little to do with chili, has been renamed  "Rockford Bratwursts" after our cool little area of Saskatchewan!

Posted 3/5/2012 5:57pm by Janeen Covlin.

Regina orders in by Wednesday. (No Saskatoon orders, please!)
Many of you have already ordered but in case you haven't, this is the reminder!


The Mild Chili Sausage finally has a new name!  It's came from a collaboration of neighbors actually.  We could not agree on something that actually described it, so we named it after our "almost-mythical-ghost-town/hunters paradise" of Rockford, Saskatchewan, which is just 5 miles away!

"Rockford Bratwursts"
Brat sounds like Rock, and it's German for a large and usually longer fresh sausage made from pork and or beef, grilled or pan fried and sometimes cooked in beer or broth... there are many versions of them!   This is ours!

It's the same delicious juiciness with just a little kick!


        Last week Western Living magazine came out their "Top Fourty Foodies Under Fourty" list.  My friend Julie Rempel (with Fresh Air Flavours) and I made the list!  I was a tad puzzled as to how that came to be, but the mystery is over...Amy Jo Ehman (Saskatchewan's favorite local food author and blogger) sent a whole list of nominees of which we were on...Western Living researched submissions from across Canada and we were selected in the "producer" catagory!
So, on Monday last week, CBC featured  us on on Blue Sky -  it took us both by suprise but it was fun!

Some of you were wondering if there was a link to listen to it is


        I mentioned a while ago that the Chicken Farmers of Saskatchewan had agreed to meet with me in their April or May meeting. It sounded hopeful that the quota excemption limit would be raised to 2000 chickens (like BC and Alberta)  although I wanted more . So I was pleasantly surprised when Clinton Monchuk (CFS CEO) phoned in the middle of February to say that I could meet with the board in their March 1 meeting! I managed to throw a propsal letter together, collaborating with Mark Lane from Farm Gate Food, who did some editing for me, and I headed off to Saskatoon on Thursday morning.
Well, we had the meeting and it couldn't have went any better!! They were all very easy-going people which was nice, as I was anything but relaxed when I  arrived! They were impressed with the plan.  THey were actually very interested in our website and want to come tour our farm...imagine that!

Although not offical yet, it sounds like we could have a 5000 bird Pastured Poultry Permit program in place by the end of summer!  How cool is that?? :)

Look forward to seeing you on Saturday!

for the Team

Posted 2/27/2012 12:00pm by Janeen Covlin.

A bit of news... We're in the news!


Somehow we made the "Top 40 Foodies under 40" list in Vancouver's Western Living magazine...I have no idea how they came up with that...we have not even really "branded" ourselves yet, as marketing has not been our weak link. 

But we will be on Blue Sky at about 12:10 today (Feb 27)

My friend Julie Monroe from Fresh Air Flavours will also be on with me...


Let me know what you think if you hear it!




Posted 2/20/2012 12:53am by Janeen Covlin.

Hello all!

This weekend was the perfect example of the reason for our "meat shop dream" as it began!

Sam grew up with a tiny, albeit sort of crude, meat shop on his farm (near Rockglen, SK)  And even as we were dating, I have happy memories the family meat cutting days we had there.  His aunts, uncles and cousins would all come out from Regina and area to cut and wrap a beef that had been hanging for 3 weeks.  Maybe it was work, but it didn't hardly seem like it...just good times with family, ending in a wicked BBQ of  Ribeye steaks, baked potatoes with all the fixings and what ever else that was fresh in the garden!

I really only got in on the tail end of those times before the farm sold, but it left an impression on  me I won't  forget...we need a MEAT SHOP on this farm so we can cut meat together for our families! ( Obviously, the idea evolved since then - now we have a Health Inspected butchery and have turned it into our business.)  But it really was fun this weekend to have Sam's Mom and Dad, his brother Pat and Karen, with a whole bunch of cousins out to cut up Pat's 2 Holstien steers.  The work got done in record time, a little reno-ing got done in our house, we ate like kings, and the kids skated, ski-dooed and quad-ed them selves to exhastion...  As I write, they are crammed like sardines in all corners of this house...finally sleeping quietly!

More family came today and tomorrow, official "Family Day", will be pure play along with an "prototype" wiener roast, ending with 4-H Public Speaking (good thing we got them writtten tonight!)

So, I don't know how much personal stuff is appropriate to share here, or if you care to hear any of it at all, but the point I want to make is...putting up food together is such a great dimention to add to family culture! It doesn't matter if it's digging potaoes on Labour Day, building a backyard "chicken tractor" with your kids, picking crab apples around the neighborhood for applesauce, or cannning the season's tomatoes... it is my wish that every person can produce some of their own food and enjoy doing it with their families!


Happy Family Day!


Janeen (for the team)



ps.  Whole chickens are out of stock but their are still chicken pieces for a little while

       Ground beef is in stock again, but not a lot of beef cuts until late spring

       Patured Pork Lard is instock again!

Posted 1/23/2012 6:34pm by Janeen Covlin.
Well, the subject says it all...

The "Mild CHili Sausage" has fast become our best selling sausage, but the name just doesn't give it justice or descibe it very well!

Can  you help it out??  Just send us your submission by Thursday and we'll give 2 packages to our best entry on the next delivery!  (Saskatoon on Saturday, Regina in February)


for the CSR team

Posted 12/9/2011 10:31pm by Janeen Covlin.

Hi again!

This is really a last minute notice but I thought I'd mention that the Regina Weston A. Price Chapter is showing a movie tomorrow night.  I think Sam and I are going to try get there after the deliveries. We don't often have much time to visit then so maybe we'll see you there!! 

"Farmageddon: the Unseen War on American Family Farms"

Regina Public Library Film Theatre, 2311-12th Avenue, Regina,

Saturday December 10 at 7:00pm... AND... Sunday December 11 at 9:00pm.

Americans’ right to access fresh, healthy foods of their choice is under attack. Farmageddon tells the story of small, family farms that were providing safe, healthy foods to their communities and were forced to stop, sometimes through violent action, by agents of misguided government bureaucracies, and seeks to figure out why.

Filmmaker Kristin Canty’s quest to find healthy food for her four children turned into an educational journey to discover why access to these foods was being threatened. What she found were policies that favor agribusiness and factory farms over small family-operated farms selling fresh foods to their communities. Instead of focusing on the source of food safety problems -- most often the industrial food chain -- policymakers and regulators implement and enforce solutions that target and often drive out of business small farms that have proven themselves more than capable of producing safe, healthy food, but buckle under the crushing weight of government regulations and excessive enforcement actions.

Farmageddon highlights the urgency of food freedom, encouraging farmers and consumers alike to take action to preserve individuals’ rights to access food of their choice and farmers’ rights to produce these foods safely and free from unreasonably burdensome regulations. The film serves to put policymakers and regulators on notice that there is a growing movement of people aware that their freedom to choose the foods they want is in danger, a movement that is taking action with its dollars and its voting power to protect and preserve the dwindling number of family farms that are struggling to survive.


ps I saw part of this last fall at the Wise Traditions Conference in Pennsylvania last fall and it looked very well done...looking forward to the rest of it!!


Join us if you can!!



Posted 11/21/2011 1:22am by Janeen Covlin.

Hello from Ontario!

We are on a HOLIDAY...imagine that!! ...that is, Sam and I and the kids...poor Dad and Mom are keeping up, I hope, with the chores and meat cutting all by themselves! We're here at Sam's brothers place in Dunnville, Ont, which is not that far from Toronto. 

I thought there would be plenty of time to send out my little reminder email but, wow,  time has been hard to come by! (funny thing!)

It's so interesting to see the farms down many things are different than Saskatchewan, such as the tiny size of the farms and that the grass is still green in the middle of November (I only wish!)  but, alas... many things are the same!   I have yet to see a chicken or a milk cow...even though there are THOUSANDS of them around here!  They are ALL inside barns and NEVER get to eat any of that nice green grass!!

Out of morbid couriosity, we are going to visit one of these large "robot-milker" dairy farms tomorrow...I'm not sure whether I'll be impressed or disgusted with the technology is that has elliminated the need for REAL PEOPLE to milk and feed the cows!  But I can say I'm totally thrilled to be visiting Michael Schmidt and his family (Glencolton Farms) on Thursday, and experience his Biodynamic Grass-fed Milk Raw Dairy in operation...the highlight of the trip for me!  :)

On Wednesday we are attending the Toronto Food Freedom Rally in Queens's Park.  ( I'm not looking forward to downtown Toronto again...Yonge St was my most recent nightmare!)  Michael Schmidt and many rawmilk/food freedom people will be speaking... I'm sure it wil be an enlightening experience!!  

November 23 has become the NATIONAL Food Freedom Rally day are happening all across Canada, including Saskatoon and Regina!  I DO wish I was there for them but I booked in here before they made it a NATIONAL thing!   But I strongly encourage everyone of you to go and show your support... show your government that you want the right to choose your own food... want the right to access raw milk if you choose. That your farmers need freedom to raise the numbers of animals that would make their farm profitable, that health regulations  and by-laws don't prevent them from marketing in this city or that...oh the list goes on.  You will learn more at the Rally!

Saskatoon's Food Freedom Rally is in front of City Hall over the lunch hour.

Regina's Food Freedom Rally is in from of the Legislature Buildings, over the luch hour.

And just as an may become "preffered customers" for attending!!  :)


Saskatoon order window is on until Wednesday... we'll be back to bring you great food on Saturday

but at a new location ---> Peter and Judy Gulacher's home on 302 Vincent Cresent.

Free-range chicken,

Free-range pork,

junk-free, gluten-free sausages

farm-fresh eggs

(limited beef and no pet food yet)




Posted 11/7/2011 6:10pm by Janeen Covlin.

Hi Saskatchewan foodies!

Well what a crazy last few months the real food world has had! I wish we could say that we can relax now, but the fact is that it's just starting to ramp up!  and I don't know how little old me (never-done-anything-activist-y-in her life!) found myself in this positon, but I guess when something so basic as what we eat and drink in our "free" country is decided by the factory farming/food industry via the gets my hackles up!!

If you are interested in access to real sustainably-raised foods and raw dairy......and PLEASE don't hesitate to show your support for it and the farmers that are being criminalized for raising the most basic healthy foods!! It definilty will make you a prefered patron!!


I'm sure most of you heard the raw-milk selling charges against Michael Schmidt were re-instated in an Ontario government appeal in September, after the first judge declared cow-shares a perfectly legal arrangement (as are vacation property time-shares and sharing a horse with a friend at a boarding stable...informed private contracts!)

A few days after Michael embarked on a Hunger Strike, which of course the large group of international supporters he has were very concerned about! Michael's words were something like this "why is it that no one is going to stop me from killing myself by having NO food but it is illegal for people to nourish themselves with a completely natural food  as raw milk"  He wasn't about to quit after one judge could come up with the complete opposite ruling as the first wreaked of blatent corporate facism flexing it's muscles.  With no other options left, he entered a Hunger Strike with the ending condition that Ontario's Premier Dalton McGuinty meet with him man-to-man and start a dialogue about this issue, which is what he's been respectlfully asking for for 17 years.

Well, something was different this time...a HUGE, CONNECTED, INTERNET-SAVVY group of raw milk/ real food lovers who have the highest respect for this man (myself included)   were moved to not let Michael die over this.  The time was ripe and a FaceBook Page called " Supprt Michael Schmidt" was 24 hours it had 1300 people and 2500 in 2's now around 5000.  They totally MOBBED McGuinty's office via phone, email and fax...until...on Day 37 of the hunger strike, he finally met with Michael in his office...they had a positive, mutually respectful visit...and Michael ended his strike - YAY!!! Read about it on The Bovine

Everyone breathed a big sigh of relief but there was also an awareness that it's only the beginning of this Food Freedom war!   and let me clarify... THIS IS ABOUT ALL REAL FOODS...the first platform that it's being played out on is Raw Milk but there are MANY other corporate-biased laws that strip your easy access to the healthy sustainable food you're looking for! That's a large topic for another day...


So how can we create awareness and support Food Soverienty in this country? Here's 4 ways...

 #1  Join us for a screening of ...

MILK WAR - a Documentary about Canadian Food Rights

When: Thursday November 10, 7:00- 9:00 pm

Where: RIC 19 (Research & Inovation Centre) University of Regina

Contact: Regina WAPF Chapter Leader - Jana Kutarna  586-0887

Face Book Event

RSVP if possible :)


# 2  Join the whole country for the  Canadian Food Freedom Rallies on November 23!  Every province is participating and Saskatchewan, BC and Ontario are actually having 2 Events!  A lot of people are coming out, even those who don't drink raw milk but know that this is a social justice issue Canada needs to resolve! Help us show the world that we will NOT accept the government version of a Canadian menu!! Our bodies = our choice!!  (We must be careful to not incriminate any farmers that are providing milk for Human Consumption...some are very concerned) But we do hope to serve Raw Milk and Cookies! Come over luch hour...

Canadian Food Freedom Rally - Regina 

Where: in front of the Legisture Building

Time: Wednesday Nov 23 12:00pm 45--60 minutes

Contact: Katy Helliwell  306-585-3320


Canadian Food Freedom Rally - Saskatoon

Where: in front of City Hall 

When: Wednesday Nov 23 12:00pm 45-60 minutes

Contact: Davidson WAPF Leader Carol Ritchie McBride 306-567-2002 or 1-877-899-8109


#3 Join us for a screening of... 

Farmagedon - The Unseen War on American Family Farms

Where: Regina Public Library

When: Dec 10, 2011  7:00- 9:00pm

Contact: Regina WAPF Chapter Leader - Jana Kutarna  586-0887

Face Book Event

RSVP if posible


Saskatoon and the Good Spirit WAPF Chapters will be holding screenings as dates yet


# 4  The Canadian Constitution Foundation is going to represent Michael Schmidt as this whole issue heads to the Supreme Court of Canada. If you feel moved to donate to this cause, they are it. I am quite certain tha,t on a constitutional basis, they have a very good case!  It's our bodies to choose how to nourish and our right to enter into a private contract that arranges to share the milk of a cow and pay someone to take care of it when it is not an option for urban dwellers! End of Story.


This email is getting long and if you read it to the end, you'll get this reminder...   :)

The cut-off for ordering CSR food delivered to  REGINA on Wednesday!

Back on the list is Pastured SOUPer CHickens!  complete with giblets and feet

THese are mostly our young roosters that we raised from the chicks we hatched and a few laying hens that have served there time... obviously neither are laying eggs but are a tasty addition to SOUPer healthy chicken soup!


Take care and hope to see you there!


for the rest of the team...Sam, Grace and Lyle


Posted 10/18/2011 4:54pm by Janeen Covlin.

Hello, Hello!

Just want to make sure you don't miss the end of the order window... cut-off is Wednessday and we'll be at the Field House parking lot on Saturday.


Well FINALLY we have Large Roasting Chickens...some of you have been patiently waiting all summer!  We had to wait for the last batch of the summer to grow them a little bigger as we didn't have any more portable pen space.  But they are done and they look beautiful!  (and we are really happy to not have any more chicken-moving chores for the season!!) 

If you want larger chickens...make a "size" note on your order and we'll do our best to accomadate.

If you have pets, we have plenty of raw chicken carcasses for a good price!   $1.50/lb
Of course, the other great use for them is Bone Broth!


Many of you have noticed we don't have a lot instock for beef.  This is very frustrating for us as well!!
Although we've harvested a few younger animals, we have been patiently waiting for our 2 year old steers to get FAT!  They look filled out and really nice but we were hoping to see more outward signs that would indicate more intra-muscular fat as this is a lot of flavour comes from as well as the good "grass-fed fats"  Omega 3, CLA,etc  How much is enough? I'm not sure yet... but we are going to bring in a few animals soon and see how they turn out. This is a learning curve that has a long lag time when you adjust! 
So for this trip we won't have much.


This summer we started "strip grazing" the hogs, much like we do our cattle.  They SOO love the new grass to root up every few days!  But...soon it will be freezing up and we'll be modifying the chicken shelter/green houses for these guys, filling it full of straw for them to stay warm and dry for sleeping. Of course they will be free to eat and drink out in the pasture.  Meat from animals that actually have a LIFE and are free to excercise is such delicious eating!!

There is pork in the store...but there is not enough for bulk orders right now.


The chickens are on their twice a year strike called "Moulting", A necessary evil they have to go though, so there aren't many eggs this trip.  The young ones are starting to lay tiny "poulet eggs".  The kids think they are so "cute" and have been claiming them for their breakfasts!  So soon we will be swamped when they all kick back into gear!


Thank you to all who orderd turkeys at Thanksgiving!  I hope yours was as good as mine was...I have to say my mom did a FINE job...super moist and delicious with all the great fall garden food!
If any one happened to take pictures of your turkey and family, I'd love to share it...  :)
There are  just over 20 turkeys left and it will be first come, first serve from now until X-mas.

Thats all for now!  must get back to getting these chickens packaged...

See you Saturday!

:) Janeen
For the team...Sam, Lyle, Grace, Kate, Emma, Tess, & Beau

Posted 10/5/2011 12:25am by Janeen Covlin.

Hi again!

Sorry to  put 2 emails out in 2 days but I have 2 important questions for those that have or are planning to order turkeys for Friday...

The turkeys are nice and clean, chilling off tonight but we have one potential issue...many of them are quite large...not too many under 15lbs and many closeer to the 17-20+ lb range

So my first question is...can I find out who will be willing to take the bigger birds? (some of you have already said)  If I can fill those first, it will help immensely with the rest! 
If the thought of turkey re-creations is daunting(due to a large turkey) here's a link to a list of great ideas (and google has many more!) and keep in mind that this DOES mean that you can simplify meals for a while by having meat cooked and ready to go!  Do I have any takers?

Second question...(not as important RIGHT now) In the future is it worth it to you to get your birds fresh, with no need to thaw before roasting? or would you rather we butcher them a month earlier and freeze them?

So once again, sorry to bother you...
but hopfully I can hear from some of you in the AM...would SOO appreciate it!

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