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Organic Connections - No-organic farming and NO to GMOs!

Posted 11/6/2012 2:33pm by Janeen Covlin.

Hi ya'll!

Well we just got back from the Organic Connections Conference this weekend and I have to say it was awesome!! We have never really been involved with the "organic community" before, mostly because we have been more connected to the Holistic Management circles.  And although there is a lot of organic overlap between the 2 ideologies, one major difference is HM does not encourage "tillage of the land", as it destroys the habitat of the micro-life communities that make soil and plant-life thrive together and prevent erosion and flooding. Perenial ground cover,  a contantly decomposing thatch layer, and soil held together by massive amounts of roots of all shapes and sizes is a very good thing!  

So the million dollar question (why I wanted to be there)is...
How can we grow grain without tilling the soil or applying herbacides or pesticides??
(it seems the agriculture world thinks you can do one or the other, but not both!)  
Turns out the most progressive of the Organic community have been working toward this very holistic goal as well!  
In a nut shell, what they are doing is seeding a "cocktail cover crop" of many species of plants WITH the crop they actually want to harvest.  They are using everything from daikon radishes, forage rapeseed, turnips, all kinds of flowers, clovers, peas, lentils, annual grasses, buckwheat - the list is long!  But the idea is to COVER all the bare ground, to prevent weeds from filling the spaces, prevent evaporation and for many sizes and lengths of roots to grow and decompose in place to feed the micro-life which in turn feed the crops. All this diversity (like 6-12 species of plants at a time) actually creates heaven for the good insects and pollinators and makes it very hard for weeds, pests and plant diseases to do any damage!  How cool is that?? 
I'm sure it's going to be a steep learning curve, but there are people sucessfully "cocktail cropping" in Saskatchewan and all over the prairies of North America already! So I'm totally pumped to see Cool Springs Ranch start to grow it's own no-till organic grain in the near future!

We also were educated indepth on another subject...why we don't want GMOs in our food supply!!

If you don't really understand how serious it is, watch this very informative and alarming documentary!  It's free until tonight.   Genetic Roulette - The Movie


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