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Farm Dinner, Ducks and Sea Minerals...

Posted 8/21/2013 1:17pm by Janeen Covlin.


One of the little additions to the last week was the our Farm-to-Fork Dinner on Saturday!  It was awesome to see such a huge turn-out (almost 250) and to have such a beautiful day for it all!  We were so thankful Remi and Edyta (from Calories Restaurant on Broadway) to help us again, making up for the slight chaos that followed my inexperience in catering organization :)  And even though the pig caught fire once, it was totally delicious!!!!
Thank you Amy Jo Ehman, for posting a nice little blog post with pictures from the tour and dinner!

The other addition to THIS week was processing Megan and Nathan's pasture-raised ducks. After getting plenty of beeswax burns and breathing in a lot of downy feathers, we finally finished at about 7:00pm last night.  They are now listed in the store.  They did sell out in a few months last year, but due to a little coyote disaster, there is not as many this year. Order soon if you want some!


There is another project/experiment I want to mention We have started using SEA MINERALS, yes, just simple evaporated ocean water solids.  Why? They have the perfect balance of the ocean's natural 90 minerals.  And what is exciting about ocean minerals is the HEALTH it can give the plants and animals that use it! Did you know that ocean life basically stays very very healthy and free of the modern diseases humans and land animals often have?  Think on that one for a minute.  

The brand we are using is  Sea90 from SeaAgri and you can read about it there, but I encourage you to google this whole topic...Sea Energy Agriculture.   It has so much potential for our gardens, row crops, pastures, fruit trees, berries and our animals!  

 Some of the benefits of Sea Minerals...

- The plants will have higher Brix levels (sugars/mineral) which means more nutrition and flavour in the plants

- Better tasting forage means the animals will eat more and naturally grow quicker(a big plus for slower-growing grass-fed animals) 

- The meat and milk of animals eating mineral-rich plants actually TASTES better!

- The plants and animals become very resistant to disease, fungus & pests (pests like weak, immune-deficient plants and animals)

- The grass will green up earlier in the spring, and die down later in the fall  (extended grazing is always a plus!)

- You will grow MUCH MORE volume of grass, grain, fruit, vegetables!

How are we using it on Cool Springs?  We ARE using it as our sole free-choice livestock mineral, but what has become very clear to me is all minerals are far, far, FAR more useable to both animals and people, if they are delivered through a biological or 'organic' source, like plants or animals. The inorganic (the raw form) minerals are very well utilized by the PLANTS though. So the best use of Sea 90 is... 'foliar feeding' it to our pastures.  So don't be suprised to see our new $150 sprayer...I can assure you it will never have chemicals in it as long as we own it!

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