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Thoughts from the Farm

Posted 8/21/2013 1:17pm by Janeen Covlin.


One of the little additions to the last week was the our Farm-to-Fork Dinner on Saturday!  It was awesome to see such a huge turn-out (almost 250) and to have such a beautiful day for it all!  We were so thankful Remi and Edyta (from Calories Restaurant on Broadway) to help us again, making up for the slight chaos that followed my inexperience in catering organization :)  And even though the pig caught fire once, it was totally delicious!!!!
Thank you Amy Jo Ehman, for posting a nice little blog post with pictures from the tour and dinner!

The other addition to THIS week was processing Megan and Nathan's pasture-raised ducks. After getting plenty of beeswax burns and breathing in a lot of downy feathers, we finally finished at about 7:00pm last night.  They are now listed in the store.  They did sell out in a few months last year, but due to a little coyote disaster, there is not as many this year. Order soon if you want some!


There is another project/experiment I want to mention We have started using SEA MINERALS, yes, just simple evaporated ocean water solids.  Why? They have the perfect balance of the ocean's natural 90 minerals.  And what is exciting about ocean minerals is the HEALTH it can give the plants and animals that use it! Did you know that ocean life basically stays very very healthy and free of the modern diseases humans and land animals often have?  Think on that one for a minute.  

The brand we are using is  Sea90 from SeaAgri and you can read about it there, but I encourage you to google this whole topic...Sea Energy Agriculture.   It has so much potential for our gardens, row crops, pastures, fruit trees, berries and our animals!  

 Some of the benefits of Sea Minerals...

- The plants will have higher Brix levels (sugars/mineral) which means more nutrition and flavour in the plants

- Better tasting forage means the animals will eat more and naturally grow quicker(a big plus for slower-growing grass-fed animals) 

- The meat and milk of animals eating mineral-rich plants actually TASTES better!

- The plants and animals become very resistant to disease, fungus & pests (pests like weak, immune-deficient plants and animals)

- The grass will green up earlier in the spring, and die down later in the fall  (extended grazing is always a plus!)

- You will grow MUCH MORE volume of grass, grain, fruit, vegetables!

How are we using it on Cool Springs?  We ARE using it as our sole free-choice livestock mineral, but what has become very clear to me is all minerals are far, far, FAR more useable to both animals and people, if they are delivered through a biological or 'organic' source, like plants or animals. The inorganic (the raw form) minerals are very well utilized by the PLANTS though. So the best use of Sea 90 is... 'foliar feeding' it to our pastures.  So don't be suprised to see our new $150 sprayer...I can assure you it will never have chemicals in it as long as we own it!

Posted 5/7/2013 10:07pm by Janeen Covlin.
Hello friends!

 We have been patiently waiting for spring to come and the mud to go; FINALLY, it did and the chicks are heading out to pasture!  This means that we should have fresh PASTURE-RAISED chicken for you by the June delivery. Yay!!!

  ...and just so you know, we are making our own feed from local peas and wheat (not organic yet, but no GMO's) with organic poultry mineral ration balancer, and even frozen-fresh organ meats from the butchershop, which the chickens, which are natural omnivors, are doing fantastic on! 20-30% of their diet will become grass/bugs as we move them daily on to fresh ground.   

The cows are calving and the pigs are thrilled to be digging in soft ground again. The next batch of broiler chicks, the layer chicks and turkey are coming next week. Garden, yard, seeding our first organic grain crop... Busy, busy, busy!!  It seems there is SOOO much to do in a short time because of the short spring.


Exciting News!  Nathan and Megan Maier, a young family that left teaching careers in Ontario, have moved back to the area to jump staight into pasture-based farming!  (Megan grew up on a dairy farm NW of Preeceville)  They weren't hear 5 days before their first batch of 1000 chicks arrived!  There was some scrambling to get set up, but everything is going really well so far.  Besides Pastured Chicken, they will be doing Turkeys,  Ducks and, eventually,  Lamb and Veggies. We hope to share the task of processing poultry as well as doing the deliveries, so you probably meet them this summer! 


We will annoucing a new Regina delivery location for the summer.  I'm still not 100 % certain, but it will be relatively central.  When I send the 'order total' emails, you will know forsure. The time will still be 1:00 - 2:30pm


Order cut- off is tomorrow night (Wednesday)

Many of you have placed your orders already and some somethings are out of stock, but Sausages, Burgers and Bacon were made FRESH today...and grilling season is finally here!
If you want eggs, please make a note in your order and we will fill it if we can.

See you on Saturday!

for the Cool Springs team


Posted 4/9/2013 1:21pm by Janeen Covlin.

Hello friends,

A little farm update...

Spring is here!  (well, in theory anyway) and that means the first chicks of the year are coming!  We'll be picking them up on Thursday morning.  Right now the  shop is being cleaned out and we are setting up a big brooder pen in the middle. Gravity-fed water lines, feed troughs, grit troughs, and homemade 'Ohio Brooders' will be placed, deep-bedding laid down and the in-floor heat turned up to make it the coziest nursery possible. We are getting them 2 weeks later than last year in hope that they will be able to go out to pasture at the best age, which is around 3 weeks old, but the FEET of snow still left here is not making me hopeful!! 

In other news, we just got back from Kansas City where we visited some good friends over the Easter Break and picked up a larger delivery trailer with much larger axles.  (The axles had bowed out on our old trailer and we were trashing tires like crazy; meat is HEAVEY, we found out!)
Sam didn't have much of a holiday though.  He spent most of it ripping the trailer apart, re-insulating, and spray-foaming it. Now we just have to add an airconditioner and a Coolbot to turn it into a cooler-on-wheels.   (If you ever want to build a cooler in home, check out CoolBots! ...very cool!!)
While Sam was doing that, I got to head up to Jameport Missouri, which is right in the middle of a large Amish farm community, to pick up a turkey plucker from Featherman Equipment. I also was lucky to visit the owner David Schafer who has been a leader in developing economical and functional poultry equipment for small farms.  One idea I learned from him will save us $15,000 that I thought we would have to invest.  More on that when we get it built!

The last stop was near Omaha, Nebraska,  where we filled the trailer to the hilt with Fertrell Poultry Nutri-Balancer, the 'magic' mineral-kelp-probiotic supplement that makes the chicken's grain ration tic perfectly.  

It was a little depressing leaving green grass, dafodils and t-shirt weather to head north to still-miserable weather,  but... home is where the heart is!  and the work :)


So many of you have ordered already but just a reminder for those that haven't... the order cut-off is Wednesday.  We'll be at the Kumon Learning Center on Woodhams Dr. one more time on Saturday between 1:00-2:30.   Hopefully, by May we will be able to be in an out-door, grassy location!

Flux Crossfitters, we'll be at Darci and Charity's garage gym at 4:00pm (IF the new trailer fits down the alley!)



Free Range Pork - was just restocked last night!

Grassfed Beef  - in-stock.  Bulk price on Hamburger!

Turkey, Duck & Goose - limited stock (order now if you want any!)

Eggs - in stock

Sausages, Bacon, Grass-fed Burgers - in stock

Chicken - out of stock until June, although there are still a few Soup Chickens and Broth Making packs for making the best chicken stocks in the world!

Pet Food Patties - will be back in stock next month, but you could try chicken gizzards!


See you Saturday!

Janeen, for the whole team


Posted 3/14/2013 5:39pm by Janeen Covlin.


Allan Savory is the 'grandfather' of Holistic Management. Some of you may know him but many of you might not.  His work has been a big influence on our farm, and even Joel Salatin's farm, who is presenting 3 days of sustainable farming workshops next week.

Recently Allan was selected to give a TEDTalk and if you are a watcher of TEDTalks you'll know how inspired you can be after 20 minutes of an 'idea woth spreading'.  'How to green the desert and reverse climate changeis at the top of my list,  not so much for the presentation, but the message he has to share. The concept can not only do as the title suggests, but it will have a huge impact on health and resilience of 1st world farms. Complete chemical dependance, and extreme vulnerbility to droughts and floods is NOT sustainable agriculture, but this is what we have right here in North America!  Allan offers hope, the most inexpensive hope we could ask for...if we as eaters, farmers and leaders understand the need to change the world's agriculture course. 

I have a proposition which includes FREE FOOD...  

If you will take 20 minutes to WATCH Allan Savory's TED Talk    and send me a quick note with your thoughts,   we will put your name in for $50 of CSR pasture-raised foods.  If you are on FaceBook, you can WATCH, COMMENT and SHARE from Cool Springs Ranch's FB page   The winner can order as usual and we will credit $50.00  Your odds are far better than any lottery!

In a world were sound-bites of news are bombarding us constantly, it's my wish that this man's message will resonate a little louder than the rest.  :)


Posted 3/11/2013 6:23pm by Janeen Covlin.

Hey all!

Joel Salatin's "Secrets to Beyond Organic Farming" workshops are just around the corner!
On March 20-22 they are being 'interactively livestreamed' to at least 2 Saskatchewan locations.

Instead of $600 for the Calgary event, the cost will be $20-25/day for the local events 


We will be hosting here at on the farm at Endeavour, SK   
8:30 - 4:30 each day
Potluck lunch

Contact me at 306-547-4252  or


Permaculture Reseach Institute of Saskatchewan  is also hosting in Saskatoon.  

Click on the link or scroll down for details and registration.

Joel Salatin’s – Secrets of Beyond Organic Farming

Coming to Saskatoon, SK  as an 'interactive live stream workshop' March 20,21 &22.

This workshop is presented in live stream format by Verge Permaculture of Calgary 

and hosted in Saskatoon by the Permaculture Research Institute of Saskatchewan.

When:March 20-22,2013  8:30  am to  4:30 pm  each day

Where:“The Den” at the Two Twenty,220 – 20th St West,Saskatoon

Cost:$20 per day (PRI Sask members)/$25 per day (non-members)

Please bring your own lunch. Coffee and tea will be available for purchase at Collective Coffee.

Joel Salatin,of Polyface Farm,is an entrepreneurial farmer and author of several books including Folks,This Ain’t Normal and Salad Bar Beef. Polyface,Inc. is a family owned,multi-generational,pasture-based,beyond organic,local-market farm and informational outreach.

To Register: download the registration form (see link below),complete the form and mail your cheque to:PRI Sask,22-1001 12th St E,Saskatoon,SK,S7H 0C9.



At its roots,this isn’t just a course about farming…or even about building a business! Joel Salatin has a much bigger agenda than that…..
This course is about creating a life…a community…and a society based on respecting the egg-ness of eggs,the chicken-ness of chickens,the cow-ness of cattle. It’s about appreciating and working with the essence of plants,animals,and nature as a whole,rather than producing bigger,fatter,cheaper products in factory farms.
And it’s about building a life based on your own essential beliefs,values and dreams! building coalitions with other impassioned dreamers…creating empowered,informed and active communities…and changing the world in the process!
So whether you’re an aspiring or established farmer – a public policy maker or community organizer – a green entrepreneur or holistic manager – or a cubicle-dweller in need of a bigger vision – you’re sure to find life-changing insights in Joel’s high-energy,information-packed talks.

Join us for one,two or three days . . .

What we’ll cover each day

March 20 – You Can Farm

No vague theorizing here –you’ll get a full toolbox of practical how-to’s,ranging from urban farming and creative land acquisition to permaculture-based production principles – for example,mutually supportive plant and animal relationships (e.g.,chickens and rabbits? Who knew?) and effective composting for sustainably fertile soil. We’ll talk about farming like an entrepreneur,becoming your own middleman,and marketing to a diverse audience. And finally,we’ll take a look at what happens once your farm is solidly on its feet:how to build a trained team of employees,and how to create a lasting,profitable legacy for your children and grandchildren.

March 21 – Pastured Poultry Profits

Joel shows us how to build a thriving poultry farm from – as you might say – scratch:how to build a portable shelter for your chosen bird(s),how to pick the breed you need,and how to create safe environments in the brood-box and outside. We’ll talk about economics – profit and loss for chickens versus turkeys,egg-layers versus broilers,parts versus whole birds – and how to figure price margins. And you’ll learn how to keep your birds healthy,happy,well-fed and well-protected from the egg to the end.

March 22 – Salad Bar Beef

We’ll talk about landscape design,managing water and placing roads,and working with rough,wet,or rolling terrain. You’ll learn about permanent versus portable fencing,corrals and enclosures,herding and movement between pastures,winter housing and feeding,and grass-finishing before slaughter.You’ll even get tips on enhancing the salad bar and ensuring soil fertility with composting,manure management,and pigaerating. And yes,Joel looks at the practicalities of transforming beeves from live animals to gourmet meat -from grass-finishing to assuring comfort to dealing with adrenaline and enzymes after death – even tips for cooking (because Salad Bar Beef is what beef should be,say gourmet chefs – and unlike any beef you’ve had before)!




Posted 2/20/2013 2:22pm by Janeen Covlin.
A few months ago, we discovered a magical piece of meat on a cow, that I'm ashamed to say we had WASTED previously...the Beef Cheeks... yes  quite literally, the side of the cow's face!  If you ever seen one, you would wonder how it's possible to take such a tough awful-looking chunk of meat and make it edible!   After a little research, and, incredibly, my very first stab at it, I found out you can turn it into some of the most amazing meat you'll ever eat!!   (Sorry ...the novelty has not wore off so they are not for sale yet! :)  )
But I want to talk a little about the technique that makes them so delicious... the Braise!  This may not be new to you, but to really understand this indispensable kitchen skill, is to LOVE eating ALL parts of grass-fed animals , not just the steaks and prime rib!  
Why do we love Braising?
SIMPLY, it turns raw, tough, inexpensive cuts into hot, tender delectable dishes!  On any 4-legged animal (cow, pig, lamb, goat, bison), the shoulder, hips,and legs are the tougher muscles since they do most of the work.  And the truth is that all the "worked" muscles have much more flavour than the middle or "loin" section where the steaks are cut from. This is particularly the case with free-ranged animals since they have 'natural muscle tone', unlike confinement-raised meats which can have soft flabby meat and fat. The collegen that divides these muscles is by nature chewy and tough, but when we braise... TIME, MOISTURE and HEAT melt the collagen into gelatin and softens the meat protiens.  These melted juices/gelatin give rich flavour and body to every dish. On cold winter days, nothing is quite as simple and comforting  as the melted juiciness of a Braised Blade Roast or Beef Short Ribs!  Besides their inexpensive deliciousness, they can be made a day or 2 or 3 ahead and the flavour only gets better!
What exactly is a Braising? 
 There seams to be slight differences of opinion on this, even by chefs, but by broad defininition it means "cooking large pieces in a liquid, covered with a lid until tender".  You can use stock, water, orange juice, milk, wine, beer...the recipes are endless! The amount of liquid can vary from hardly any, to totally covering the food. But moisture is KEY.  Seasoning and searing 2-3 minutes a side in a bit of hot natural fat or oil is highly recommended for great color and 'carmelized' flavour in the final dish! (processes vegetable oils are not natural fats!).  Stews, Pot Roasts are classic examples of braising.
Times and Temperatures?
While there's are no absolutes, I'm going to speak on behalf of grass-fed meats (specifically slicing roasts/braises)...They are best cooked at 225F or LOWER!  Please forget about your timer, at least for need a thermometer, one that sits on the counter with a cord and a probe into the middle of the meat (not bone).  Set if for 10 degrees less than you are aiming for because the meat will always rise in temperature 10F after you take it out. For Medium-Rare, which is best for grass-fed meats, set it for 125 - 130F and it will rise to 135 - 140F  
In the case of stews and ribs, the meat will be 'well done' and fork tender but it still is important to get there low and SLOW!
What Cuts do you Braise?   (from beef and pork)
Old Fashioned Beef Stew,  Red Wine Braised Short Ribs, and Moroccan Style Braised Beef are  a few of our favourite recipes on our website, but the internet is full of creative recipes and inspiration for braising...just remember to adapt the principles for Grass-fed/Free-range meats and you will be more than happy!


Posted 1/23/2013 2:41pm by Janeen Covlin.
First of all, WELCOME to all the new "eaters" that have signed up to the Buying Cub mailing lists!! I don't know where you are coming from or how you are finding us, but it's all good!!    I hope you enjoy the food and hopefully get a chance to come out to our farm to see how it's grown!
I'm blown away by how much has happened since we butchered our first pig in August of 2010!  Just a little "stat" for of today our mailing list has 1276 people on it!  Maybe it doesn't seem like much in comparison to many businesses, but to this small family farm tucked in on the edge of the Porcupine Forest, it's totally inspiring and amazing... sometimes to the point of overwhelming!   I can see that there needs to be many more family farms raising good food and the  most persistent thought on my mind is keeping quality, integrity and transparency in all the food we raise.  Many a business has started out with good intentions but before long the market demand and the economic lure of the factory model sucked them into loosing the very reason they were special.  May that NEVER happen to Cool Springs Ranch!!  
Learning & Apprentice Opportunity...
At the Organic Connection Conference this fall, we spent quite a bit time sitting with and visiting with Rob and Michelle Avis of the hugely successful Verge Permaculture of Calgary.  We had a lot of philosophies in common, as well as author/mentors. As it turns out they have organized a one-of-a-kind workshop with the one-and-only "Lunatic Farmer" Joel Salatin,  who has been a HUGE influence on our farm!  
For those of you who don't know him, he is probably the most famous holistic pasture-based farmer the world has  met.  Besides his 8 books, he's also been featured in the movies Food Inc, Fresh and American Meat. His mission, after operating his own farm in Virginia, is to teach and inspire farmers all over the world to farm in a restorative, holistic manner and develop thriving local food systems. 
And he has done it... in a big way!  Never before has there been so many farms all over the world raising grass-fed beef, pastured pork, pastured chicken, free-range eggs, raw milk etc!  It's farming that feels right and it's real food that people want to eat again! What's not to love??
So, on March 20-22 Joel will be presenting a 3 day practical farming information workshop in Calgary and it will also be LIVE-STREAMED and interactive to participants all over the world.  
We have registered our family and will be hosting the show right in our livingroom for our employees/apprentices and neighbour families that are interested.  I see so much potential and I'm super thrilled that technology can give us opportunities like this to share with others!
We have 2 apprentices in place for this summer already, and have room for one more.  If you know of someone who would like to make a start in a holistic farming education on our farm this summer, we would welcome them to join us for those 3 days to see if it would be a fit for both of us.
ps Just today a FaceBook friend posted his story of how he came to be a holistic farmer at Chaffin Family Orchards, an amazing permaculture farm in California. His journey, although not exactly the same, has many similarities to our story!  
About the Good Food...
We have plenty of Grass-fed beef in stock as well as Free-Range Pork, Turkeys, Geese and Eggs and sausages
You can also save by buy purchasing Ground Beef in bulk - 20 pkgs (40lbs) for $4.25/lb
We hope to have a new Pure Grass-Fed Beef Sausage out for next trip  :)))
Free-Range Chicken inventory is getting VERY low!  Most of the whole chickens left are 4-5lbs.  Quarter Chickens, Souper Chickens will still be around for a few months but many others will be sold out by the next Saskatoon delivery, until June when we have our first pasture-raised chickens of the season ready.
Planning for the upcoming season is deep in progress...but we will happily come up for air to chat or email if you have any questions.  :)

The online store will close Thursday at 6:00pm

See you in Saskatoon on Saturday !  

Janeen Covlin
for the Cool Springs Ranch team
Real Grass-Fed Foods
Box 184
Endeavour, SK S0A 0W0
Home (S&J) 547-4252 or 547-4779 (L&G)
Cell- (S&J)814-7188 or 547-8644(L&G)
Posted 12/15/2012 5:11pm by Janeen Covlin.

The last delivery of the year is in ONE WEEK!   I'm sure you all are looking forward to the warmth of spending quality time and food with family and friends very soon! 
 In the light of the tragic events at the small Conneticut Elementary School yesterday, I can't help but reflect on the reasons for the disturbing social trends like this one... it would fill a huge 'mind map' to cover all the issues that are affecting our society to this end.  But I keep coming back to what maybe a very important part of the the solution... the need to  VALUE THE ART OF GOWING, PREPARING AND EATING REAL FOOD, WITH LOVE!  
What would happen if we... 
...stopped buying all pre-made and processed foods
...decided it was important to organically grow as much fruits and veggies as we could in our backyards, personal greenhouses or local farms
...all fed and cared for  4-5 laying hens in our backyards or balconies?
...bought pasture-raised meat and organic grains directly from farmers we know, visit and trust their practices?
...understood that grass-fed animal fats and simple-processed olive, palm and coconut oils are 
    invaluable for  mental health?
...understood the implications of unbalanced fats from factory-farm animals and highly processed soy,corn,     canola oils etc
...had access to clean grass-fed raw dairy?
...made butter, yogurt, kefir, creme fraiche, cheese at home?
...regularly made real poultry, red meat or seafood stock, for real soups, sauces?
...learned the art of sourdough breads, fermented and sprouted grains
...made fermented veggies and fruits and ate small amounts regularly for gut health?
...VALUED this food so much we didn't always have time or money for all the fun stuff and technology            we are used to. 
...had to work TOGETHER as families or communities to prepare this good food?
...always sat down TOGETHER with thankfulness to enjoy the fruit of our labours?
...we kept our lives simple enough to just EAT WELL and LOVE??

It sounds "idealic" in todays culture, but this truely was  reality less than a century ago (and forever before that) and I don't think it couldn't be again!   There are many, many great initiatives going on all over the world to bring back a culture of "real food appreciation"  and I don't think it's beyond any of us to do what we can in our own communities and to care for those kids that are falling through the cracks nutritionally and emotionally. Check out these websites and then may be inspired to inspire!
Evergreen (one of many places to get funding!)
Back to the Farm and our last delivery of the year... 
The order cut-off is on Wednesday the 19th.
If you'd like to serve some healthy pasture-raised meats and eggs this holiday season, we can help!  On top of Grass-fed Beef, Pork and Chicken,  additive-free bacon and sausages,  we actually DO have some Free-Range Turkeys  available again!  My Uncle and Auntie in Lloyminister connected us to their good friends at Lower Shannon Farms who happened to have 70 extra pasture-raised, drug-free turkeys they couldn't sell! Mom and Dad have just picked them up today and they are listed on the store!  
Even though there is Turkey again, don't forget about our Goose and Duck! This will probably be the only year we have them, so don't miss out!  We've also decided to actually pre-make the dish I'm so in love with, so you can experience it too...Goose Confit!  All the time-consuming work will be done, all you have to do is take the legs out of the package after thawing and crisp up the skin for a "decadent" special occasion meal on-the-fly! If you are interested in Goose Breasts, just make a note on your order, otherwise, they will be cured and smoked for January.
I must share a wonderful little newsletter from our good friends at Calories...because they are talking about OUR goose and my big old Grandpa!  Maybe you'll get a chance to try some of the "real deal" Charcuterie and classic French appetizers like Goose Rillettes in the next few weeks :)
Wishing you the best Holiday Season, whatever you might celebrate!
See you next Saturday!
:) Janeen
Janeen Covlin
for the Cool Springs Ranch team
Real Grass-Fed Foods
Box 184
Endeavour, SK S0A 0W0
Home (S&J) 547-4252 or 547-4779 (L&G)
Cell- (S&J)814-7188 or 547-8644(L&G)
Posted 12/3/2012 8:00pm by Janeen Covlin.

Well, it's dangerously close to the end of the year already...If you are like me, you've been mulling around cooking and baking ideas...  (you organized people probably have it all done!)  
What's on my mind??  The Perfect Christmas Goose!  It's a very strong European tradition, but almost unheard of in Canada, since the  modern Turkey seems to "rules the roost" here.  But, hey, we're the "Melting Pot"... it's cool to shake up our food traditions and I'm really excited to serve something new to my family this holiday season!
Many of you have said "Yes! we want to try Goose,  but we have no idea what to do with it...can you share some recipes and tips?"  Well, it's my first year at this too, but I've cooked quite a few geese now and I think I have a few things figured out. Many thanks to my favorite chefs in Saskatoon for confirming my suspicions and elaborating on the idea that waterfowl pieces HAVE to be cooked differently!  Most recipes online, in my humble opinion, don't take into account the different cooking requirements of legs and breasts... They seem to be going for a beautiful "photo op"  but to the detriment of the eating experience, since they cook the bird whole to the end.  

2 noteworthy points on cooking Goose or Duck...
-  There is a drastic time difference between the time the breasts are perfect (which is rare to medium-rare) -  and when the legs are fully cooked and tender.  Therefore is it far better to take the breasts OFF the goose partway through cooking and finish them "carefully" in a pan(see recipe below), and let the rest of the bird continue roasting until tender.
- Allowing the thick skin to render out it's fat is essential to the crispy delciousness that duck and goose is famous for. You can either "score" the bird by making slices partway through the skin in a grid...or...Carefully poking many many holes through the skin at an angle ALL over the bird.  Having the bird on a rack in the pan will help your cause as well, since so much fat renders out.
So here is my pick for a well-explained Roast Goose Recipe (No point inventing my own version, since this one works beautifully) It was posted by Hank Shaw who is the Hunter Angler Gardener Cook blogger. This 2nd link has many tips for preparing all parts of ducks and geese...and I Highly recommend checking it out. He often writes about wild meat, but has plenty of experience with domestic waterfowl as well. 
I will also put on a link to Sassafrass Valley Farm one of the rare free-range goose farms in the US, which has recipies and videos that may be useful. Gordon Ramsey's video on their site shows a "whole goose" version, that cuts the legs open partway through cooking. I have not tried this, but maybe it would help.
Our Free-Range Goose is not gamey like wild geese, nor does it have the copious amounts of fat that commercial total-grain-fed geese have. But it is a  flavourful unique change from the usual chicken and turkey! I hope you can take the opportunity this year, as we won't be doing very many next year... they added a huge labour component to the farm that we didn't exactly expect!
The Geese weigh 7-9lbs and will would feed 5-8 adults. Goose and Duck  is $6.55/lb

ps  In the late-at-night rush getting the Geese packaged at the Quill Lake colony, the hearts and livers didn't get put inside the birds, but we do have them. If you would like giblets, please make a note on your order
A few other food updates...
Raw Grass-fed Pet Patties are finally back in stock! They are every dogs dream since they have plenty of Tripe, Liver, Heart in them as well as good meat! It never seemed there was enough time to make them, but Sam and I decided to take a few night shifts every now and then and hopefully they can stay in stock!
Fresh Free-Run Eggs  The chickens are inside for the winter and the young ones are finally laying...LOTS!  Rhonda Goodman will also be bringing eggs. THis month you can order ALL the eggs you want for the holidays!
Grass-fed Beef is also in good supply!
Free-Range Pork is low, but Sam butchered today and by tomorrow night, we should have the inventory back up again.  If you are interested in making pies with REAL LARD, not that hydrogentated junk on the store shelves, we have some made and more to come!
Free-Range you may have noticed, completely sold out on Thanksgiving weekend. 
I hope this finds you all well, and anticipating the warmth of sharing lots of love and real food with family and friends in a few weeks, no matter what you celebrate!
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Posted 11/6/2012 2:33pm by Janeen Covlin.

Hi ya'll!

Well we just got back from the Organic Connections Conference this weekend and I have to say it was awesome!! We have never really been involved with the "organic community" before, mostly because we have been more connected to the Holistic Management circles.  And although there is a lot of organic overlap between the 2 ideologies, one major difference is HM does not encourage "tillage of the land", as it destroys the habitat of the micro-life communities that make soil and plant-life thrive together and prevent erosion and flooding. Perenial ground cover,  a contantly decomposing thatch layer, and soil held together by massive amounts of roots of all shapes and sizes is a very good thing!  

So the million dollar question (why I wanted to be there)is...
How can we grow grain without tilling the soil or applying herbacides or pesticides??
(it seems the agriculture world thinks you can do one or the other, but not both!)  
Turns out the most progressive of the Organic community have been working toward this very holistic goal as well!  
In a nut shell, what they are doing is seeding a "cocktail cover crop" of many species of plants WITH the crop they actually want to harvest.  They are using everything from daikon radishes, forage rapeseed, turnips, all kinds of flowers, clovers, peas, lentils, annual grasses, buckwheat - the list is long!  But the idea is to COVER all the bare ground, to prevent weeds from filling the spaces, prevent evaporation and for many sizes and lengths of roots to grow and decompose in place to feed the micro-life which in turn feed the crops. All this diversity (like 6-12 species of plants at a time) actually creates heaven for the good insects and pollinators and makes it very hard for weeds, pests and plant diseases to do any damage!  How cool is that?? 
I'm sure it's going to be a steep learning curve, but there are people sucessfully "cocktail cropping" in Saskatchewan and all over the prairies of North America already! So I'm totally pumped to see Cool Springs Ranch start to grow it's own no-till organic grain in the near future!

We also were educated indepth on another subject...why we don't want GMOs in our food supply!!

If you don't really understand how serious it is, watch this very informative and alarming documentary!  It's free until tonight.   Genetic Roulette - The Movie


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